Before filling in the form below, be sure that your manuscript submits to our technical requirements.
The data to fill in this form refer to the content of your manuscript, in the actual status at the moment of sending.
If a work has several authors, their names must be filled in the field labeled Author (authors), separated by commas. For each title, the first author is the one with whom we establish a commercial relation; this author is the spokesperson for the author group and this is the author for which the code is filled in the field labeled Author code.
If your material is a translation, fill in the corresponding field with the following data: title and author of the original work, edition, publishing year and company, and ISBN code if applicable.
The number of pages refers to the approximated number of pages of the manuscript, equivalent to the 6 x 9 inch trim size.
You must mention one or more areas for the topic of your manuscript, as well as one or more fields within an area, in the corresponding fields..
The field labeled Content description must be completed with as many data regarding the subject, content, and structure of the material as possible.
In the field labeled Other comments on your material, add any information that you consider relevant for your material, including the novelties it brings or through which it differs from other similar titles in the market.
If the material is already published in another form, on a different medium, or under a different title, mention in the corresponding field the publishing year and company, the ISBN code, and any other information about the published work.
The file to be uploaded should be a DOC file or a zipped folder of DOC files, with a maximum size of 20 MB (files larger that 20 MB must be mailed on a CD or sent via FTP - you must contact us for providing you with FTP login data). File naming must be in the following format: author code.number of sending. Example: if you received the author code 2765 and this is your first sending, the file must be named 2765.1.