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Philosophy of Applicability of Mathematics: Between Unreasonable and Reasonable (Romanian Edition)
(Filosofia aplicabilitatii matematicii: Intre irational si rational)

Year: 2018; Author: Catalin Barboianu; Language: Romanian; ISBN: 9789731991900; Pages: 204.
Description: Lucrarea abordeaza in mod logic, epistemologic, matematic si stiintific unul din "misterele" filosofiei stiintei si ale rationalitatii insasi, anume problematica filosofica dezvoltata in jurul sintagmei "eficacitatea irationala a matematicii", etichetata in literatura ca "puzzle-ul lui Wigner". Autorul concluzioneaza ca cercetarile de pana acum au avut o abordare simplista a problemei, invocand o singura tinta, anume raspunsul cauzal la o intrebare de tip 'de ce', cand de fapt avem de-a face cu o familie numeroasa de puzzle-uri asociate, care presupun metodologii diferite si tratament interdisciplinar. Lucrarea, care va continua cu un al doilea titlu, dedicat modelelor teoretice ale aplicabilitatii, se adreseaza in special – dar nu exclusiv – matematicienilor, fizicienilor, filosofilor stiintei, filosofilor limbajului si epistemologilor, dar si studentilor acestor discipline.
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The Age of Reason (Translation - Romanian Edition)
(Varsta ratiunii)

Year: 2017; Author: Thomas Paine; Translator: Razvan Alexandru Nicolescu; Language: Romanian; ISBN: 9789731991757; Pages: 248.
Description: Un clasic al filosofiei religiei si al interpretarii biblice din secolul al XVIII-lea, Thomas Paine aduce o abordare noua a studiuliui biblic al acelei vremi, trasand directii si principii care inca sunt de actualitate.
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UNDERSTANDING AND CALCULATING THE ODDS: Probability Theory Basics and Calculus Guide for Beginners, with Applications in Games of Chance and Everyday Life

Year: 2017 (revised edition); Author: Catalin Barboianu; Language: English; ISBN: 9738752019; Pages: 300.
Description: Man’s daily life is full of decisional situations. Whether we have math skills or not, we frequently estimate and compare probabilities, sometimes without realizing it, especially when making decisions. But probabilities are not just simple numbers attached objectively or subjectively to events, as they perhaps look, and their calculus and usage is highly predisposed to qualitative or quantitative errors in the absence of proper knowledge. That is why a book explaining the probability concept and its interpretations and applications for non-mathematicians is a necessity. This is an enlightening journey through the world of probability theory. Its multiple goals are to help the reader understand what probability really means, to teach the reader how to rigorously perform and apply the probability calculus, even without a solid mathematical background, and to stimulate the reader to go deeper into the notions involved.
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