Printing and distribution

Our titles are printed and distributed globally by the world’s leading book aggregator, INGRAM BOOK GROUP. It handles orders in their POD system (that is, its printing units are connected to the retail network and a book is first ordered and then printed, starting from one copy) from all the retailers that have access to its catalogs, supplying over 50,000 customers, retailers, and wholesalers around the world. Through this partnership, the basic distribution of our titles is ensured and has impressive coverage – currently over 90% of the retail market in the United States and the United Kingdom and a part of the continental European market. Other accessed markets are Australia, France, Spain, Poland, Russia, and India.

Top retailers carrying our titles are Amazon, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble (US), Bertrams, Gardners (UK), and Hachette Book Group (France). Our titles are also listed by Follet Higher Education Group (American distributor of books dedicated to high school and college students), owing its own nationwide network of over 850 bookstores. The group supplies over 1,800 independent physical and virtual campus bookstores in the U.S. and Canada.

Our titles are accessed by The Espresso Book Machine (“the book ATM”), produced by On Demand Books in partnership with Xerox. The EBM has all the functions of a small printing house (printing, trimming, and binding); with no human intervention, this device can print and bind an ordered book within minutes. The machine is connected to a public-accessed computer, through which any customer can order the desired title from the extended Ingram’s catalog. Espresso Book Machines can be found in the biggest libraries of the world, as well as universities and independent bookstores over all continents, and expansion of this technology continues.

Our titles are listed and discounted in our virtual bookstore.

Our books are printed (depending on the delivery address) in either of Ingram’s printing facilities, located in the US, the UK, and Australia.