PhilScience Press is an imprint of the Infarom press company.
Infarom was founded in 1993 as a publisher of educational and applied mathematics books. Infarom developed its own research center with a team of applied mathematicians and scientists who completed various research projects finalized with publications or applications in education and industry. Since 2017, Infarom has extended its publication specialties to include the fields of philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of language, philosophy of religion, epistemology, and philosophy of education.

PhilScience Press is serving the PhilScience organization, founded in 2018. PhilScience’s mission is to communicate and address the critical and actual issues of current science, research, and science education, through its own research, research design, and quality publications. The organization is also editing the online PhilScience Magazine.

Main contacts

Company's administration:
Infarom, 29 B, Dumbrava Str., Targu Jiu, Gorj, 210109, Romania.
E-mail: office[at]
PhilScience Press office: office[at]


Our editorial policy

Regarding content and topics, we seek to publish first all that is new and applicative, in either the sciences themselves, their methodology, or education. On the theoretical side, we look for those topics shedding light on critical issues, holding innovative ideas, new interpretations, the big (but also less big) questions. We love questions more than answers. We give a high priority to the topics of science communication for the general public. We also publish translations and interpretations of influential classical texts and collected papers as they relate to narrow subjects of actual interest regarding contemporary science and its philosophy.
Given our orientation toward innovation and progress, we encourage submissions from young and early career researchers who as well may engage themselves in our pre-designed editorial projects. We aim to develop a strong interactive community of PhilScience contributors, who can be authors and/or experts and benefit professionally and financially from our publications.